Nano-Beschichtung - Zusätzliche Möglichkeiten

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Polishing the Nano-Coating

A opportunity for making the Nano-coating much stronger is to polish it during a lot of repetitions of the Nano-coating.

For polishing a Nano-coating you use a very fine cloth, what you use for example to clean glasses. It’s finer than an 8.000 cent paper. You polish it in circles and then you Nano-coat it again. The top surface breaks through it and you more or less seal it and then you grow on this sealed surface new Nano-layers. From Nano-coating to Nano-coating the layers get stronger and stronger. If the Nano-coating is made several times, you can produce much more GANS with one piece.

Coating of plastic balls

In contrast to glass balls the plastic balls hold the fields rather inside.Tests showed, that Nano-coated plastic balls are much more efficient. The most common way to coat plastic balls is, just adding it to Caustic. The Caustic has to touch the inside and the outside, to coat both surfaces.

Direct the Nano-Layer flow with a battery

For giving the Nano-coating the flow a direction, you can use a standard 1.5V battery, if you do not have a multimeter or if you want to be save, because sometimes multimeters go "crazy" and don't work right.